• Suction and Discharge Hoses
  • Suction and Discharge Hose
  • Suction and Discharge Hose

Suction & Discharge Hoses

Application :
Suction and discharge hose has wide used in water, air and oil. Industries such as agriculture, construction, mining, port, and engineering industries are using suction hoses for various applications. Hoses can be design as per application considering media and pressure in the hoses.

Feature :
Hand built wrapped fabric- wire reinforced, abrasion resistant natural rubber lining and cover, available in smooth bore and rough bore.
From 1" ID to 12" ID

Media :
Water, Air and oil.

Pressure :
From 2 kg/cm2 to 10 kg/cm2

End Fittings :
All sizes and types of flanges , cam lock couplings can be fitted on hoses.

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