• Standard Or Light Pipe and Tube Clamps
  • Standard Or Light Pipe and Tube Clamps
  • Standard Or Light Pipe and Tube Clamps

Standard or Light Pipes & Tube Clamps

Standard / Light Series Pipe clamp is generally used in Pneumatics, Lubrication and low pressure hydraulic application. These pipe clamps are price effective and used widely for general application.

These pipe clamps are supplied as...
• Individual Pipe Clamp with welding plate
• Individual Pipe Clamp without welding plates
• Multilayer construction
• Rail nuts construction
• Group Weld Plate - RAP

• Designed as per DIN-3015 part-1
• Standard Pipe - Tube clamps available in Plastic Polypropylene and Polyimide, Aluminum clamp bodies with Steel / S.S. plates & bolts
• W.P. range up to 1500 PSI (100 BAR) for application in Steel / stainless steel piping system

Material and Design of Clamp Body
• Polypropylene: Colour Green
• Polyamide: Colour Black
• Thermoplastic Elastomer: Colour Black
• Aluminum: Colour Natural
Alternative materials and coulours in addition to the above stated standard is available upon request.

Materials and surface finishing of metal parts
• Carbon Steel Trivalent or Yellow zinc plated (Standard Trivalent plated)
• Carbon Steel Phosphated
• Stainless Steel - SS 304 or SS 303
• Stainless Steel - SS 316

• Standard one piece design
• Multi Clamp Design - RAP
• Rail Nut design
• Aluminum: Colour Natural

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