• Heavy Pipe and Tube Clamps
  • Heavy Pipe and Tube Clamps

Heavy Pipes & Tube Clamps

The standard range of heavy series pipe - tube clamps are normally used for support piping system in general applications. W.P. range of pipe - tube clamps with more then 1500 PSI ( 100 BAR) and up to 8000 psi (600 BAR) find application in Steel / stainless steel Piping System.

These pipe clamps are supplied as...
• Individual Pipe Clamp with welding plate
• Individual Pipe Clamp without welding plates
• Multilayer construction
• Rail nuts construction

• Designed as per DIN-3015 part-2
• Standard Pipe - Tube clamps available in Plastic Polypropylene and Polyimide , Aluminum clamp bodies with Steel / S.S. plates & bolts
• W.P. range above 1500 PSI (100 BAR) for application in Steel / stainless steel piping system

Material and Design of Clamp Body
• Polypropylene : Colour Green
• Polyamide : Colour Black
• Thermoplastic Elastomer : Colour Black
• Aluminum : Colour Natural

• Alternative materials and coulours in addition to the above stated standard is available upon request.

Materials and surface finishing of metal parts
• Carbon Steel Trivalent or Yellow zinc plated (Standard Trivalent plated)
• Carbon Steel Phosphated
• Stainless Steel - SS 304 or SS 303
• Stainless Steel - SS 316

• Standard one piece design
• Multi Clamp Design - RAP
• Rail Nut design

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