Pressure Control Valves

Pressure control valves are used to control/restrict pressure in the system. These valves works as safety valve in the system. Various types of pressure control valves are available according to the application. Valves of repute make such as YUKEN, Polyhydron , Jactech are available with us.

Direct Acting pressure relief valves - sub plate
type and line mounted
Direct Operated Pressure Control Valves
Direct Operated Pressure Reducing Valves
Direct Operated Pressure sequence valves
Pilot Operated Pressure Relife Valve - Modular Valves
Pilot Operated Pressure reducing Valve - Modular Valves
Pressure Control Valves - PCM Block
Counter Balance Valves

• Solenoid Operated Directional Valves
• Solenoid Controlled Pilot Operated Directional Valves
• Pilot Operated Directional Valves
• Manual Operated Directional Valves
• Mechanically Operated Directional Valves
• Mobile control valves

Above valves are available in various spool (refer to us for detail catalog) depend upon hydraulic circuits.

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