• Pipe Clamp - Heavy Duty
  • Pipe Clamp - Heavy Duty

Pipe Clamps - Heavy Duty

"DL" is manufacturer of wide range of pipe clamps used as supporting to Pipes, Tubes and hoses. "DL" Clamps are easy and quick to install pipes and hoses which also give clean and distinct pipe layout. Clamps also reduce vibration and noise which gives contribution to environmental protections. Clamps uses are unlimited due its wide range of products. Special customized clamps also can be developed as per customers needs.

• Designed as Per DIN 3015
• Reduces/controls vibration and noise
• Provides Strength in direction of tubes and pipes
• Clean and distinct pipe layout
• Mobile Hydraulics
• Industrial hydraulics
• Pneumatics
• Marine Hydraulics
• General Pipe constructions

Clamp Parts
• Jaws (Body) - Polypropylene PP Green Color - Recommended Temp. Range: -30 Degree to + 90 Degree
• Jaws (Body) - Polyamide PA Black Color - Recommended Temp. Range: -40 Degree to + 120 Degree
• Jaws (Body) - Aluminum AL Natural Color - Recommended Temp. Range: upto 300 Degree
• Top and Bottom plate : Carbon Steel Zink plated or Stainless Steel - SS 304 or SS 316
• Rail Patti - Carbon Steel Zink plated.
• Rail Nut - Carbon Steel Zink plated

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